DSJ Keep Learning Limited (formerly known as DSJ Communications Limited)

Sr. No Disclosure under Regulation 46 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 (as amended) Link/Section Remarks
1. Details of Business https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/business-overview.php Nil
2. Terms and conditions of appointment of independent directors https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/appointment-terms-independent-director.php Regulation 15 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 is not applicable to the Company therefore the compliance with the corporate governance provisions as specified under clauses (b) to (i) and (t) of Regulations 46(2) is not applicable to the Company However we have voluntarily disclosed the same if the same is applicable in future.
3. Composition of various committees of board of directors https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/composition-of-committees-bod.php
4. Code of conduct of board of directors and senior management personnel https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/code-of-conduct-for-bod.php
5. Details of establishment of vigil mechanism/ Whistle Blower policy https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/vigil-mechannism-whistle-blower-policy.pdf
6. Criteria of making payments to non-executive directors, if the same has not been Disclosed in the Annual Reports available under the link: https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/annual-reports.php
7. Policy on dealing with related party transactions https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/policy-on-related-party-transaction.pdf
8. Policy for determining ‘Material’ Subsidiaries https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/policy-for-determing-material-subsidiaries.pdf
9. Requisite details of familiarization programmes imparted to independent directors https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/disclosure-under-reg-46.php
10. The email address for grievance redressal and other relevant details https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/general-info.php Nil
11. Contact information of the designated officials of the
12. Financial Information:
- Notice of meeting of the Board of Directors for discussion on financial results
- Financial Results
13. Financial Information:
- Complete copy of the annual report including balance sheet, profit and loss account, directors report, corporate governance report etc.
https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/annual-reports.php Nil
14. Shareholding Pattern. https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/shareholding-pattern.php Nil
15. Details of agreements entered into with the media companies and/or their associates, etc. All agreement are in normal couse of business. Hence, not applicable Nil
16. Schedule of analysts or institutional investors meet and presentations made by the listed entity to analysts or institutional investors
- Audio or video recordings and transcripts of post earnings/quarterly calls
There is no such analysts or institutional investors meet and Audio or video recording. Hence, not applicable Nil
17. New name and the old name of the listed entity for a continuous period of one year, from the date of the last name change https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/index.php Nil
18. Applicable Advertisements in Newspaper https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/Newspaper-advertisements.php Nil
19. Credit Ratings There is outstanding instruments. Hence, not applicable. Nil
20. Audited financial statements of each subsidiary of the listed entity in respect of a relevant financial year There is no subsidiary company. Hence not applicable.
21. Secretarial Compliance Report https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/secretrial-compliance-report-FY-2018-19.pdf Please note that during the financial year 2018-19, the provisions of Corporate Governance including submission of Annual Secretarial Compliance Report was not applicable to the Company but company voluntarily adopted the practice of complying with the said provisions and after the said financial year Regulation 15 of Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015 is not applicable to the Company Hence, its is not applicable.
22. Policy for determination of materiality of events or information https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/policy-for-determination-of-materiality-of-events-or-information.pdf Nil
23 Contact details of Key Managerial Personnel who are authorized for the purpose of determining materiality of an event or information and for the purpose of making disclosures to stock exchange(s) https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/reports/policies/contact-details-of-key-managerial-personnel.pdf Nil
24 Disclosures under Regulation 30 (8) https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/announcements.php Nil
25 Statements of deviation(s) or variation(s) as specified in Regulation 32 There has been no applicable event of fund raising. Hence, not applicable Nil
26 Dividend Distribution Policy by listed entities based on market capitalisation as specified in sub-regulation (1) of Regulation 43A The Company is not falling under top 1000 listed entity based on the market capitalisation. Hence, it is not applicable Nil
27 Annual Return as provided under section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013 and the rule made there under https://dsjkeeplearning.com/dsjcl/annual-reports.php Nil

Details as mentioned in 46 (2)

Business Overview

The Company is engaged in the business of Educational Services Provider and some of the services which is offered by the Company are such as Campus Enablement, Online programs for continuing education, Quality Assurance Mentoring for Institutes and Universities, Publication of Research., Licensing some Pedagogical Innovations and Platform as a service for campus management.

Company Policies / code

Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors

Details of Familiarization Programme imparted to Independent Directors :

Annual return as provided under section 92 of the Companies Act, 2013